I know that it has been awhile since I have posted but I have not forgotten the blog or podcast and actually there have been two podcasts posted that just did not make it to the blog.  I am still working on my data base for holidays and looking ahead I am not find much to report on but how this will change soon.

I do have somethings in the works:

First off I am hoping to have a booth in a local festival, The Festival of Nations.  I am will be getting interviews and information to share with you all.

Second, I have been contacting both United Nations and Embassies in the United States looking for help and have had some responses so that is good.

With these two things going I hope to fully relaunch the blog and podcast fully soon.  Also expect a redesign sometime in the near future as I have a friend who will be working on my logo and (cross fingers) my website.  She is studying graphic design so I know will do an outstanding job.