KamehamehaportraitKamehameha Day, June 11th, is the only public holiday in the United States that is in recognition of a monarch.  This holiday is in commemoration of King Kamehameha the Great, known for being the first ruler to unit Hawai’i under one kingdom.  Kamehameha Day was first recognized when his great grandson Kamehameha the V sent out a royal decree in 1871.  It also was one of the first holidays to be recognized by the state when it join the union in 1959.

Some of the events people participate in to mark this day are floral parades, carnivals and hula contests, to name a few.  The most important of the actual ceremonies is the draping festivals that happen to the four statues of Kamehameha.  Three of these statues are on the islands ofHawai’i and the fourth stand at the United States capital building.  All four statues are draped with fresh leis created on the islands.  The statue at eh U.S. capital is also accompanied by a hula dance and attained by officials from the government.

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