Photo by Justin Watt

Photo by Justin Watt

June 8th, 2009 marks the first United Nations sponsored World Ocean Day.  In 1992 the government of Canada suggested that there be a day dedicated to the world ocean in 1992 at the earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.  Finally in 2008 the U.N. passed resolution resolution 63/111.

Today is a day to not only remember and recognize the importants of the worlds oceans as it applies to things like shipping of cargo and how sailors put their lives on the line with the many dangers that face them, weather and pirates, but also it’s influence on the environment. There are so many reasons to celebrate what the oceans do for us; helps to feed us, regulates our climate and even provides us with most of the air we breath.

While I could go on and on about how we could celebrate and why the oceans are important, this has already been done much better than I am able to do at The Ocean Project and I would suggest going and taking a look.