Flag of Denmark

Flag of Denmark

In Denmark June 5th is Constitution Day in recognition of the signing of the 1849 constitution.  When it was signed the country became a constitutional monarchy.  Unfortunately, I found very little information on the day other than it is not widely celebrated.  The only things I found was that due to most businesses closing people were free to visit friends and family.

The wording on all the sites were identical or close to it, so if anyone has any additional information please let me know.  The one thing I found interesting is the pictures I ran across seemed to only be fromembassies in Asian countries.

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_Day_(Denmark)

Others: http://goscandinavia.about.com/od/annualeventstraditions/f/independdayden.htm

Some pictures: http://www.dccj.org/Default.aspx?ID=187