This is just a quick note for today as I have not updated this for an awfully long time and want to write a quick administrative note as well.

Through out the world many countries set aside a day to celebrate and/or recognize teachers.  Considering the intent of this blog, to facilitate the understanding between peoples of all different nations and cultures I felt this would be an appropriate holiday to relaunch my site.

I was unable to find the reason why the 24th of November was chosen as the date to celebrate this but did find the it was instituted by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, considered the Prime Teacher of Turkey.  He was the founder of modern Turkey and is much loved within the country.

Not long ago I was listening to an NPR show about travel that had an episode on traveling within Turkey and the subject of Atatürk came up, to which the person being interviewed said that ever Turkish person loved him and even related that a law had been passed saying one could not insult him.  The interviewer asked if this was not taking away some freedom of speech to which she replied that no one would want to insult him, there where no people that did not like him, he had no enemies.  I do hope that this is true from the little I have had a chance to read he seemed like a very good person who wanted the best for his people and understood the children where the future hence the choosing of a Teacher’s Day.

Editor’s Note: It has been so long since I have posted I did not realize that my last holiday also involved Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, so for more information please see previous post as well.


Administrative note:

I am in the process of getting this blog and the podcast back up and running.  I have been a little worried that I was not able to do it the justice that it deserved but have since decided that I will do the best I can as that is all I can do and this topic I feel deserves that.  I am trying to arrange some interviews with people for my podcast so that will be more interesting and hope to have a new one up soon.