The 27th of April is celebrated in South Africa as Freedom Day. In 1994 elections where held that where the first to be inclusive of all the peoples of South Africa regardless of race. This vote was, in my opinion, was the largest victory of the struggle against Apartheid.
Mandela Casting his vote in 1994 (1)
The day is still celebrated through out the country least people forget the struggle and sacrifice of all the people who fought for freedom. Events are organized to showcase the unity of the different ethnic and cultures of the area. It is hoped that people will celebrate the freedom they enjoy.

This years celebrations will center around Bisho in Eastern Cape Province, the capital of the province. Along with a fly by of the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) and a speech delivered by Thabo Mibeki, the president, the people will also be able to see events featuring the full diversity of the culture emphasizing unity and reconciliation and the love of cultural performances celebrating the freedom of the country.