I am very excited about today’s holiday, Våffeldagen.

In Sweden on the 25th of March Waffle Day is celebrated, known as Våffeldagen. This may seem a little silly but after consulting my brother, who has studied the Swedish language, after he did some research for me on a number of Swedish websites we have come to the conclusion that it is actually “Our Lady’s Day” orVårfrudagen . Now these are not the same word nor do they mean the same thing but when said fast they apparently sound very similar. It looks as if many Swedes do not even know the true reason for the holiday and now celebrate the day eating waffles with jam and cream. I should point out that Vårfrudagen is actually the Feast of the Annunciation.

I really wanted to do my podcast on this holiday but know that I would not be able to pronounce the words correctly and I have not set up my system to do interviews yet so was unable to get my brother to do it for me. You may be wondering why I am so excited by this, well that would be because my great grandparents on my fathers side were Swedish and have a special place in my heart for the country and people.