Unfortunately not every day has a large amount of holidays or festivals to pick from and this seems to be one of them. Now I am not saying that there is nothing else, just that at the moment I found very little. This reminds me that if you have any particular days you would like recognized please let me know and I will do my best.

March 6th is the last day of the Battle of the Alamo. In Texas this is known as Alamo Day, but from the little I have found on the subject it does not look like it is celebrated or recognized very well. One of the websites I found went up and asked some of the state legislators what day it was a few years ago and very few were sure what day it was.

A little back ground in case someone who is not from the United States reads this:

“On February 23, 1836 the Alamo fell. A 13 day siege by Mexican forces consisting of around 6,000 men against the Texas contingent of between 120 – 250 men. Texas had been apart of Mexico but the people of the area had decided to leave to become their own country or perhaps to join the United States. Santa Anna wishing to keep Texas apart of Mexico took forces there to regaincontrol. When he had come upon the old fortified Spanish mission he took to sieging it. All those who where in the mission where killed and this lead to the battle cry “Remember the Alamo”.