The 5th of March is the Feast Day of Saint Piran, thought I am not really spotlighting another Saints feast day, it is the Cornish celebration that takes this day to celebrate their heritage, language and history. St Piran is also the Patron Saint of tin, once a very important business in the country.


The story of St. Piran is said to start in Ireland where he was born. He studied in Rome and went back to Ireland and is credited with many miracles but the king was not impressed, though the people loved him. The king had him thrown into the ocean with a millstone tied to his neck but he floated, making it all the way to Cornwall. There he is said to have started the first Christian church. According to legend he did not die till the age of 206.


Cornwall was once a great tin mining area and so the patron saint of tin was very important to the people. St. Piran has been credited with discovering tin when a blackstone in his fireplace got so hot that a white liquid poured out, the first tin.


Apparently he was also known for his fondness to alcohol and so is naturally a favorite of the working man who loves to have a good reason to relax, by emulating the Saint.


There has been a resurgence to make this day more important within the Cornish community and make it an official bank holiday. There are many celebrations, parades and even a play that is said to reenact his life.


The flag of St. Piran, black background represents the blackstone and the white the tin he is credited with discovering.



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