March 4this recognized by the Catholic church as the feast day for Saint Casimir. During his short life, he died at age 23, he was known to be very devout as well as charismatic. He was seen as a very capable leader and at age 9 was sent to Hungry to take the throne, being supported by nobles from there. He as unsuccessful and went back to Poland. For a short time he was the custodian of Poland and was considered benevolent in his duties. His father arranged a marriage for him but he felt he must remain single. He was known to kneel in front of churches no matter the weather or time for hours praying. There is a hymn attributed to him “Omni die dic Mariae” (Daily, Daily Sing to Mary) because it was his favorite, though he did not write it.

Over a hundred years after his death the Papalci was petitioned to canonize him. After the investigation, lasting about two years and with many miracles attributed to him after his death, the Pope recognized him as Saint Casimir, and declared March 4th his feast day.

Saint Casimir is the Patron Saint of Poland and Lithuania